This is the story behind Mercy’s mural, THE GIRL, told by the artist himself. A project that seemed impossible, but was ultimately realized with the help of Kings of Colors and Buro Kade.

“My adventure started when I met her, THE GIRL, at the end of 2019. A great first meeting with a good connection right away. Everything was right, many common interests. We talked non-stop and she challenged me intellectually. Maybe love at first sight. But, slowly dark clouds appeared in a clear sky. A previously planned holiday and then the Corona pandemic meant that the contact gradually diminished. Everything looked dark and grim. To give my emotions a place, I picked up my old passion for illustration. Big problems need big solutions, in this case a big wall to turn my feelings into a mural. I ended up meeting so many incredible people on this adventure. I would name them, but the list is long. I rediscovered my passion for illustration and graffiti, and who knows, maybe a way of life.

For THE GIRL Thank you so much for being the spark of the journey, my muse and feeding me through it. I have strong feelings for you and I always will. I hope that at some point, now or in the future, we can be together. If not, you still have a mural to enjoy and a story to tell. Jesus … It’s crazy what we have to do to have a date! ”


You can read the complete story here.